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About Us


The ItalianoTravels are a travel agency. We travel to Italy and give you

tours around italy. Wealso tak you to the best restaurants in Italy and the

most famous tourists spots in Italy too. Wealways look after the people

who travel with our agencies because we feel that the peopleneed the

best trip of their lives. Our travel agency is a very caring. We also

put people in themost luxurious and first-class hotels. We answer all the

questions the people have aboutItaly. We help the people first. Our

company is known world-wide and everyday people make calls to our

company and ask us to make some tickets for them to visit Italy. We are

also very happy with our work in Italy. We also make the prices of stuff

cheap and we also make a lot of promotion's in our trips so that people

can visit Italy again and again.



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